Audience Feedback  

Audience Feedback

A small selection of some of the feedback Uri has received from audiences of his lectures.

Dear Uri Geller,
I need so send you this message to thank you so very ,very much for your fantastic lecture and show earlier today and also for giving me your special drawing with E=mc2 and your signature.
I'm so very ,very happy for it because i strongly know that it,s throug ,that everything is energy. I will put your drawing together with the interview you have in the Visjon Magasin an put it on a wall in a frame ,so i can see ,feel and always remenber you and your strong enegy and E=mc2.
I have also now written in a special "goal book " my wish ,hope and goal for my future right now before i write to you to say many , many millions thanks for being so lucky to participate your fantastic show on the alternative trade and for giving me strong energy and positive inspiration . You showed to all of us that everything ,everything is possible with the use of the mind and thoughts.
I,m so happy now.
Thank you,you are a wonderful person and also an angel on the earth.
A warm hug and all the best to you


I was at your apparency in Norway this month..
I came skeptic, but I left a bit more convinced in some sense..
Anyways, I was sitting here musing, and came to think that what you do is the same as what happens when I myself find the "placebo" effect healing me..
I take a sugar pill, told to help me get rid of the worts I had on my hand, and viola they are gone..
Positive thinking.. Mass suggestion.. Placebo ..
Some think those words are "negatively loaded" .. But I just had a small epiphany!
Thanks for coming to Norway!
I hope to see you again some time! :D I like you "Go-Go Spirit!"
"One, two, three; LIVE!"
I am glad I saw you there. :D


Dear Mr. Uri Geller,

I attended your show in Lillestrøm yesterday. All i knew about you before i went was what i had read at various sceptic websites. Mainly from James Randi. So I didn't really expect much from your show, other than spoon bending tricks and you trying to convince the audience you have special powers. But i figuered I'd check it out when I had the chance.

I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. You are a really good speaker and have lot of good and important things to say. I really enjoyed your show. I think if people came to your show and saw what it's really about, instead of just watching old videoes of how you fail to perform your tricks, they would know better than to try to make you look like a fool on the internet. I suspect most of the people that write about you on sceptic websites have never seen you live, and don't really know what they're talking about.

I don't believe you have special powers, but like you said yourself, it doesn't really matter. That's not what it's all about. Thanks for two entertaining hours. I hope I get to experience you again sometime.


Hello Uri!

Amazing show yesterday afternoon!!

Amazing to see the man-lifting, spoons, watches, etc, but also what you had to say in between it! The best show i `ve been to for a very very long time!

I dont know if you remember me, but i were the guy you pointed at, and asked if i were thinking yellow, when the girl wrote green at the paper behind you. I didnt, and i wondered, what was that? Cause i were actually concentrating hard og green=D But then i remembered!! Before the girl (cecilie) wrote anything, i was thinking: I think she will write yellow, i think she will write yellow.... but, she didnt. So, maybe THAT was what you saw from my side? Spooky :-p 

The seed was amazing too, my girlfriend were the one in the purple at the stage, and none of us have seen a seed grow that fast before, live!

You are a very encouraging and inspiring person with a good underlaying message behind everything you do! Keep up the good work, and thanx for yesterday!


Dear Uri,

I just had the pleasure of attending your show at the Alternative Mess outside Oslo last Sunday. An amazing performance which I believe can change the lives and ideas of many people among the audience and beyond.

As for the 11:11 issue, I just want to add the following, quoted from Grimberg volume 21:

'At five o'clock in the morning November 11th they (the Germans) signed (the truce), and at eleven o'clock the same morning there was ceasefire on the western frontier'.

My additions in the brackets. So that's when WWI ended in 1918, 11.11. at 11 o'clock! It just proves your point again.

But what is there about April 20, birthday of Hitler, Sadam Hussein, and, I hesitate to add, Mrs. Gro Harlem Brundtland, ex-primeminister of Norway and ex president of UN's WHO?

Keep up your good work, Uri. The world needs you more than ever.

Peace and love,


I hope you read this letter to you Uri.

You changed my life, after just a few hours.
I was at your show in Lillestrøm in Norway. You are my new hero. Not because you
can bend spoons, but because you made me think positively. You are currently my
biggest insperasjon and you are just fantastic.

You may not believe it, but when I got home I thought only positive, and it feels
like I've got more energy and I worked things easier. Thanks to you. I have a
presentation next week at the school, which will be about a role model for yourself,
I just found out that I will give a talk about you. You are a wonderful person, with
a wonderful personality. I hope one day I'll be as good as what you are. You have
changed my life Uri.

Thank you for being you.


Thank you for your seminar in Nagoya Japan. I live in Nagano. It’s about 200km from Nagoya.
You said to the people at your seminar that you believe that 11 11 is a special number.
So I am sending you an Email about the events that occurred to me after your seminar.
I teach children piano using the Dalcroze method and one of my students recently took the second place in the all Japan competition.
An article was written about him in the local news paper.
This article was in the November eleventh newspaper , also he is eleven years old.
….same evening at eleven o’clock, I received a phone call from my piano teacher regarding the
piece he will play next year at the all Japan prize winners concert.
She told me he should play was Chopin : Polonaise No.11.
It sent a shiver down my spine .It was the first time this has ever happend to me.
I will never forget it.
Thank you very much.


Dear uri-san!


I was introduced by friend's and came for your lecture effective on NOV 11.

Thank you for the splendid lecture.

It was very meaningful and We had a wonderful time.

I would like to extend my best wishes for continued good health and happiness.   




Dear Uri Geller


Thank you for Today’s power.


My job is that full display kids genius.

So I will help kids who will be smart.

Today; I got your power.


You are so great.

I will get  more  happy.

I must  give  happy  to somebody who they hope get happy..

I feel. I felt  them.  


Thank you very much.  

Thank you.

I hope your helth and happy.


From Nagoya city



I got powerfull energyfrom You !!!

Thank You so much !!!


I'm glad see you today.  thank you for your powerful stage.


Words cannot express the difference attending one of your shows at Fareham in 2006 made to me.  

That same year, I found the courage to move on from a very bad marriage, and despite the sacrifices, at 50 took myself off, firstly to college and then to university to study for a double  BA (Hons) in English Lit & Screenwriting.  At 54 In my final year now.  I am clearer about my journey, and altough I struggle sometimes, I visit your site and I am  back on track.  Please do another tour.or run some workshops.  

People need the one to one with you.  They need your honesty and to experience the purity of love.

I just wanted to say thank you just for being there and teaching me that I am worthy of me.

Thank you. :) xxx


I would say thank you very much,i do not more smoke after your Show in Germany,when all People do not more smoke,i dont know but i am have after this day not more smoke,i think the Cigarettes are really terrible.You are great!I am really happy...Never more smoke,every Day is a wonderful Day,Thank you from Germany,make more of this....


Uri, a huge thank you from Russia. I do not smoke now 2 and a half years. Perhaps this habit kept me from marrying? :-)


Hello Uri
I want to thank you..
We have been to you show on friday 9 april...
My son's are watching you every week on tv..
My little son is normaly al at sleep at that hour.
But when uri is on tv he is very awake...

My son was so happy. his picture with you is very populair..
everybody in his class en everbody he know's have seen it...

I want to thank you that you a inspiration to him. and my oldest son..
I believe there is more..
my kids are very sceptic even so as my husband.
but because of this show my kids know there is more..

ofcourse there is illusion ...
but there is also feeling.. sensitiviteit.emotional..and a extra sence...

thank you and succes ..
We love you with all our hearts...

can't wait till friday the next show..



thank you for making me believe it.
it was a beautiful show and nice to see you being happy about the fact your children where in the audience. I felt the power and thank you for a super night. i hope it's realy you that answers the mail.


Dear Mr. Uri Geller!!

What a great show was it yesterday in Heerlen! Amazing and mindblowing and Faboulus! Thanks for your autograf and picture with me I love you forever!


I just want to say how very fortunate we were in this small town of North Berwick yesterday to hear that inspirational talk from you. I would love my family to have heard it and hope there was a recording made at the Sea Bird Centre which we could see at a later date. My only complaint was the constant flashing bulbs from the press. I get migraine from them and felt sick but tried to "think positive"  and ignore them! I hope  you found your night on the Lamb interesting and not too uncomfortable.


I have to let you know that your show in Athens is fantastic!!!! I am from London and have always been an admirer of yours.  Well done on such a professional show which is much needed over here.  filakia as we say in greece


Dear Uri,

We would like to thank you very much for the great show yesterday.
My son was on your stage yesterday and his spoon really melt as he showed you. After the first spoon, a second spoon worked out well also. It's really amazing!!
I was at the stage to translate your english for the children on the stage. Sometimes I was so amazed that Rob had to remember me to keep on translating, sorry for that!
We wish you all the best and wanted to say we did have a great evening!


Hi uri,

I went to your show in Hoorn yesterday, it really was mindblowing!! You said that there was somthing with 11:11 . Today was that moment already... I am whit the fire department of stede broec ( a place close to hoorn) and this morning we had a fire in a house, at 11:11 the chief said that the fire is out en we wil go back to the firehouse.
also I get a picture of us yesterday, my battery from my camera was almost ampty but!!... when I stand next to you it was fully loaded and the moment you turned your back to me it was almost empty again!
You're great!





“Astonishing, Extraordinary and charismatic speaker”

“Uri’s motivational abilities are by far the most effective from all the inspirational and motivational gurus we have seen”
Novartis (Switzerland)

“Uri Geller is an eloquent speaker, brilliant and an outstanding entertaining show”
The Royal Geographic Society (UK)

“After listening to dignitaries such as President Bill Clinton and Vice President Dick Cheney at The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland it was such a delight and surprise to have Uri Geller perform his amazing feats with such riveting and mesmerising delivery”
Price WaterHouse Coopers (USA)

"The most exhilirating and fascinating lecture I've ever heard"
Doctor Christian Barnard

“The hall was packed over 100 students were left outside it was standing room only. Uri’s lecture was truly amazing!”
Oxford Union (UK)

“The reactions from the participants are without exceptions all extremely positive. You really succeeded to grasp everybody’s full attention and gave us a very strong motivational message. The spirit after the meeting is very powerful. It is now our job to hold on to this strong positive motivation.”
Henkel (Germany)

"Uri's lecture mesmerized a sold out hall on his first visit to Norway in 35 years. His performance was filled with positivity, it was entertaining and motivating. Uri has the gift of creating great interest and to inspire people! Uri will be invited back to Norway."
Magasinet Visjon (Norway)

"Absolutely amazing"
Mick Jagger

"Fascinating and astonishing - Extraordinary psychic powers"
Sir David Frost OBE

"Truly incredible"
Sir Elton John

"I'm just an entertainer, a showman- Uri is the real thing"
David Blaine

Gillian Anderson


"I’ve done more than 10,000 interviews since I started out as a journalist, and I was particularly lucky to have a huge list of significant interviewees over the years, from the Dalai Lama, and Nelson Mandela, to Antonio Banderas, and paranormalist, Uri Geller (still one of my favourites with his spoon-bending and demonstrations of mind-power!)."
Riz Khan. A renowned and respected news anchor for BBC Radio and Television, and for BBC World Service News and CNN.

"The power that you have throws up some fascinating questions about the evolution of these special forces you are using, and I think that what we have to do is start looking at it in a new evolutionary way, so that we can understand whether it had some hidden un-thought function before there was worked metal. Maybe this is the way we found iron ore in the first place? Maybe human beings have a homing ability, maybe this is actually related to the homing abilities which rely on our response to magnetic forces?"
Dr. Desmond Morris, a world-renowned author, anthropologist and painter.

Uri visited the flight deck today (1st October1999) on his way to see Michael Jackson in New York. We talked for some time about people's perception of his remarkable abilities. Although viewed as Mystic or Magician, the co-pilot and I were impressed at his technical knowledge and found his own explanation had a significant scientific bias. He picked up an item of cutlery from a meal tray and within thirty seconds it had bent through 30°. He passed it back and I left it on the tray, where, during the next two minutes it bent a further 60° (as we watched). No one touched it. He also attempted to 'guess' a simplistic picture drawn on a piece of paper out of his view. Both of us thought of the picture - and incredibly he reproduced it exactly. Not only was the image correct, but it's shape was the same size to within a millimetre. When you see this done 'for real' - you have to "believe what you see".
Capt. Red Blake FRAeS

"I have invited Uri Geller to our base and witnessed him bend a thick spoon that we provided, in front of dozens of people. What was truly amazing is the fact that the spoon continued to bend after leaving Uri's hands.
Having been of a skeptical nature, I now believe that the human mind is capable of extraordinary accomplishments.
Captain Pat O'Sullivan, The Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment England

Mensa, the High IQ Society of Great Britain recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. With over 100 events staged in just 5 days, MBM was asked to provide a selection of guest speakers and lecturers. We were delighted to arrange a visit by Uri Geller who dumbfounded society members by the use of his Mindpowers. In addition to his inimitable spoon bending, he caused compass needles to move, seemingly without reason, and seeds to germinate in the palm of his hand. Just as amazing, spoons and keys continued to bend after he put them down. How did he perform those astonishing feats? Well despite a camera projecting his actions onto a large screen, even an audience of some of the most intelligent brains in Britain couldn't work that one out.

"I was a Judge for many years in the United States and learned, from handling tens of thousands of cases, how to observe accurately, pay close attention to detail and to know when someone was not being honest in their words and actions."
"When I first met Uri Geller over 25 years ago, I was as skeptical about his powers as anyone could be. After I observed him using the powers he posses, I realized he was 100% real. From bending spoons and keys, to sprouting seed, in his hand, to reading the minds of many of my friends he demonstrated an amazing and genuine gift. Most importantly my family and I began to practice and study what Uri had to say. Our lives changed dramatically and many "miracles" began to occur in our lives. Our dream of one day creating a family business, where we could all work together, is now a reality. Our books, videos, the products we have invented and the workshops that we conduct on the powers of the mind, body, and spirit have been greatly influenced by Uri Geller."
Judge H. Lee Holden



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