Motivational Speaker Uri Geller

Think Uri Geller, and most people think “spoon bending.” However, Uri has an impressive career spanning many decades and is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading motivational & inspirational speakers.

Clint Eastwood on Uri Geller : "I have seen that so I am a Believer!"

“I have watched Uri Geller spin the keys and things like that ... I have seen that so I am a believer. It was my house key and the only way I would be able to use it is get a hammer and beat it out back flat again. So there are certain energy things that are outside of the norm ”


Uri Geller

Uri being interviewed by Pulitzer award winning journalist, best selling author & one of Latin
America's favourite TV show hosts,  Andrés Oppenheimer, for the popular show
"Oppenheimer Presenta," which is televised in the USA, most Latin American countries,
and Spain. Click here to watch the interview.


Uri Geller

Performing in Wuhan, China at the live televised 2011 New Year's Eve gala, along with Il Divo and

Avril Lavigne.


Uri on stage at one of his motivational lectures in Japan, in November 2011.



“Uri, this was one of the most amazing lectures I have ever seen!"

Nikesh Arora, Vice President Google Europe.

Vice president of Google Europe gets an uplifting experience at Uri Geller lecture.


Most of us were sceptics and cynics but Uri Geller won us over. His lecture was so motivational and inspiring that all of us were buzzing with positive energy. The content of his talk was extremely thought provoking. We highly recommend him

Sony (Japan, Tokyo)

Uri with Sony co-founder Masaru Ibuka


“Uri’s lecture transfixed us, you could hear a pin drop in the auditorium, we discussed his performance for months.”


Uri erases floppy disks in front of IBM computer experts.


An amazing spiritual, motivational and inspirational evening with Uri Geller packed with invigorating techniques to maximize your mind energies. If you believe in the power of the human mind, Uri’s lecture will reveal how to develop, increase and super-charge your own potential and will to win in the journey of life. To find out if Uri is available to speak at your event, contact Uri today - or fill in the availability request form on the right hand side of the page.

Voted Most Inspirational and Motivational speaker.

Since he made his debut more than thirty years ago, Uri Geller has bent spoons, started broken clocks and watches, and read minds in all six continents. He has been featured in all the world’s leading newspapers and magazines, including Time, Newsweek, Forbes, Business Week, US NEWS and World Report, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Observer, New York Times and Washington Post, to name just a few.

There is another side to Uri Geller; he is an exceptional motivational speaker. YPO (Young Presidents Organisation) voted him most inspirational and motivational speaker – the runners-up being Dr Henry Kissinger, General Alexander Haig, and President Gerald Ford. He has lectured to a wide variety of audiences in many countries, from a group of US senators and national security executives in the high-security room in the Capitol in Washington, DC to the United Nations. At the invitation of US Senator Claiborne Pell, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, he attended the nuclear arms reduction talks in Geneva and was asked to influence the Soviets to sign the treaty, which they did. Attending with Uri were future Vice-President Al Gore and Anthony Lake, national security adviser and later the head of the CIA.

He has also lectured and conducted seminars to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the directors of Hallmark, the Royal Geographical Society, Rolls-Royce, Institute of Incorporated Engineers, T Mobile, Moto, Mizuno, Sony, Omron, Novartis, Mensa, Google, Henkel and the Prime Minister's Conference. He has been a guest speaker at the Oxford and Cambridge unions, Yale, Berkeley and Stanford universities, and at the World Economic Forum 2004 in Davos, Switzerland along with dignitaries such as President Bill Clinton, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Steve Forbes. He has also given endless talks and demonstrations for charity.

What to expect from a motivational lecture from Uri Geller:


Uri Geller’s lectures are 1-3 hours of motivational, inspirational, empowering, compelling 'infotainment', which leave the audience amazed, mesmerized, motivated, enthusiastic, revitalised  and with a much improved positive mental attitude, state of mind & self-belief.

Some of the things audiences have the opportunity to discover:

  • The power of positive thinking & how to become a positive thinker, including interactive demonstrations with audience members.
  • How to discard limiting beliefs & develop new empowering unshakable self-belief & self-confidence.
  • The benefits of peace of mind, and how to achieve it.
  • How to develop mental & physical stamina & endurance.
  • How to become more successful in business, finances & relationships.
  • Jaw dropping demonstrations of what made Uri Geller famous.
  • The importance of health, and how to think & become more healthy.
  • How to apply the universal law of attraction.
  • How to stop smoking NOW! Including a demonstration on stage that this really does work, and  any smokers who wish to,  have the opportunity to leave the lecture as non-smokers!
  • Einstein’s theories of relativity & how to apply them to your everyday life to become a more positive & successful person in all aspects of life.
  • Techniques of visualisation, affirmation & contemplation.

Running time permitting, there is also a questions & answers session which gives the audience the chance to put any questions to Uri to be answered live on stage, and depending on audience size there can be an autograph signing session after the lecture so that those who wish to, can meet Uri in person.

The Next Uri Geller

Uri's latest groundbreaking live TV show click here for more info.


Uri lectures to American Senators in Washington.


Uri Geller with Vice President Al Gore, Yuli M. Vorontsov, First Deputy Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union and Anthony Lake, then the National Security advisor, later the head of the CIA, Senator Claiborne Pell, Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


Secret CIA Psychic Lab Experiments with Uri Geller at Stanford Research Institute


2 Physicists talk about Uri Geller


"I was in Scientific laboratories at Stanford Research Institute investigating a rather amazing individual Uri Geller. Uri's ability to perform amazing feats of mental wizardry is known the world over. We in Science are just now catching up and understanding what you can do with exercise and proper practise.Uri is Not a magician. He is using capabilities that we all have and can develop with exercise and practise.
After the Geller work, I was asked to brief the director of the CIA, Ambassador George Bush (Later to become President of the United States), on our activities and the results."

Dr Edgar D. Mitchell S.C.D.
Apollo 14 Astronaut and 6th man to walk on the moon.


A sample of cover stories from the 70's, 80's & 90's.


Some recent cover stories from around the world


Michael Jackson
John Lennon
Mohammed Ali
Buzz Aldrin
Tony Curtis
Salvador Dali
Alice Cooper
Brigitte Bardot
Joan Rivers
Whoopi Goldberg
Robin Gibb
Jerry Hall
Larry King
Jay Leno
Englebert Humperdink
Leslie Nielsen
Roger Moore
For more photo's see the Uri Geller Photo Gallery

To find out if Uri Geller is available to speak at your event, simply fill in the availability request form on the right hand side of the page.

For more about Uri Geller, and for his latest news & images, see the Uri Geller website.


“Uri’s motivational abilities are by far the most effective from all the inspirational and motivational gurus we have seen”

Novartis (Switzerland)


“The most amazing and entertaining speaker we ever had”

Rolls Royce Marine (UK) ___________________

“After listening to dignitaries such as President Bill Clinton and Vice President Dick Cheney at The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland it was such a delight and surprise to have Uri Geller perform his amazing feats with such riveting and mesmerising delivery”

Price WaterHouse Coopers (USA)


“I was personally so impressed by your show. Golfers need your power!"

Mr Kenjiro Mizuno. Mizuno corporation ___________________

“Beyond the impressive abilities you demonstrated, you gave us your business and personal vision, the belief in creative, daring and positive thinking as well."

Hilik Asia. Chairman of the Prime Minister's conference. ___________________

“The reactions from the participants are without exceptions all extremely positive. You really succeeded to grasp everybody’s full attention and gave us a very strong motivational message. The spirit after the meeting is very powerful. It is now our job to hold on to this strong positive motivation.”

Henkel (Germany)


“Astonishing, Extraordinary and charismatic speaker”



"The most exhilarating and fascinating lecture I've ever heard"

Doctor Christian Barnard
, cardiac surgeon who performed the world's first successful human heart transplant.

“The hall was packed over 100 students were left outside, it was standing room only. Uri’s lecture was truly amazing!”

Oxford Union (UK)

“Uri's lecture mesmerized a sold out hall on his first visit to Norway in 35 years. His performance was filled with positivity, it was entertaining and motivating. Uri has the gift of creating great interest and to inspire people! Uri will be invited back to Norway."

Magasinet Visjon (Norway)


"Uri Geller did not just help break the ice with the skills that have made him famous - a considerable number of bent spoons line the road that led to this agreement. He has also played a pivotal role in helping everyone focus on the main objective and overcoming differences over secondary details at key junctures"

Micheline Calmy-Rey. President of Switzerland, discussing Uri's role in helping to negotiate an amicable agreement between the Red Cross, Palestine's Red Crescent and Israel's Magen David Adom.

“Just a short note to say thank you very much for attending our VIP evening in Cologne, my colleagues and I were over the moon with how
you were so full of genuine warmth and charm. You made our guests feel very special and relaxed in your company."

Poggenpohl Kitchens

"The Duke suggested many possible explanations for the miracle, including a Uri Geller type explanation, and he produced a spoon which Uri Geller had bent for him. To my rescue came that still small voice of calm from Her Majesty the Queen (the CofE's supreme governor), saying: 'Philip and his theories…'


“Mr. Geller, The Father of Modern Mentalism"

Ehud Segev "The Mentalizer"


"Absolutely amazing"

Mick Jagger


"Fascinating and astonishing - Extraordinary psychic powers"

Sir David Frost OBE


"Truly incredible"

Sir Elton John


"I'm just an entertainer, a showman- Uri is the real thing"

David Blaine



Gillian Anderson


"You know, I like Uri Geller. He is a good guy. I think he made many things with his abilities. I think some of the things he shows are illusion. But I cannot claim for sure, that this applies to everything."

David Copperfield

"I’ve done more than 10,000 interviews since I started out as a journalist, and I was particularly lucky to have a huge list of significant interviewees over the years, from the Dalai Lama, and Nelson Mandela, to Antonio Banderas, and paranormalist, Uri Geller (still one of my favourites with his spoon-bending and demonstrations of mind-power!)."

Riz Khan. A renowned and respected news anchor for BBC Radio, Television, BBC World Service News, CNN and Al Jazeera.


"Usted derritó mi mente!"

Salvador Dali

"The power that you have throws up some fascinating questions about the evolution of these special forces you are using, and I think that what we have to do is start looking at it in a new evolutionary way, so that we can understand whether it had some hidden un-thought function before there was worked metal. Maybe this is the way we found iron ore in the first place? Maybe human beings have a homing ability, maybe this is actually related to the homing abilities which rely on our response to magnetic forces?"

Dr. Desmond Morris. World-renowned author, anthrapologist & painter.

Uri visited the flight deck today (1st October1999) on his way to see Michael Jackson in New York. He picked up an item of cutlery from a meal tray and within thirty seconds it had bent through 30°. He passed it back and I left it on the tray, where, during the next two minutes it bent a further 60° (as we watched). When you see this done 'for real' - you have to "believe what you see".

Capt. Red Blake FRAeS


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